responsible fashion

In times of fast fashion and mass consumption we focus on minimizing the impact on our planet by choosing sustainable materials. Our swimwear are made from regenerated ocean plastic, giving it second life in form of quality and chic swimwear. We are dedicated to treat lighter on our planet. In order to avoid overproduction our pieces are produced in small quantities and can be MADE BY ODER.

" The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind "

eco - bamboo wear

Our body wear line is made from organic bamboo. This collection is aesthetic, sassy and feminine but also functional as it is antibacterial, highly sweat absorbent and powerfully insulating with a great emphasize on highlighting your feminine lines.

Compared to other natural fibres, bamboo is highly sustainable and eco- friendly fabric. Bamboo can be grown naturally without the need for pesticides. It’s is one of the world’s fastest growing plants ensuring a quick grow cultivation cycle. Alike grass bamboo continue growing , once cut.  Apart of all eco benefits bamboo possesses about exceptional moisture absorption, is silk like to the touch and antibacterial.
What’s not to love!

There is something so magical about nature.
If we can just pause for a second & observe a little more the ways of Nature, the ways of the Ocean. We can understand that it’s a process, a process of life, of creation and celebration.
I always had this fascination for Nature, for flowers and plants. Flowers are a celebration for our soul, they connect each other, expressing our Love And compassion.
If we can pause for a second & observe, we can feel this Love within all the elements around us, we can see this celebration of life. The act to simply be, the act to simply celebrate our body, our heart pulsing in resonance with Nature with the Ocean.
Surfing is just a connecting dot between our soul and all the elements that support us !
So while you’re out there, let’s just celebrate you ! Wear those flowers to celebrate your soul and your body. Wear those flowers as a reminder that you too is part of Nature, and that you deserve too deserve to Love all that you are. ANAIS

classy collection

Want to add a bit of sophistication and class in your swimwear wardrobe? Explore our curated timeless collection.